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Thursday, 26 July 2007

New website

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Chris Flynn-Jones has a new website at


The Meaning of Life

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It talks about Chris Flynn-Jones’ ideas about the meaning of life.

Saturday, 21 July 2007

How to cook brown rice

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Friday, 6 July 2007

Catholic Worker Farm

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This article describes my experience of the Catholic Worker Farm, Hertfordshire, South East UK. The article can be found at

Darvell Community

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This article discusses our experiences and thoughts regarding the Darvell Community, formerly called the Bruderhof, located in Robertsbridge, Sussex, South East UK. The article can be found at

Brickhurst Trust

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Joyfield Farm

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Community living

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Saturday, 23 June 2007

Blogging and materialism

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The complexity of emotions after just starting a blog! For over a year now, I have been inspired to start a blog as a way of interacting with the wider world – sharing thoughts, ideas and experiences, and having others share their own experiences too. After getting back from 9 months of travel three weeks ago, Abi and I managed to set up a lifestyle for ourselves where we both have time to do things that are important to us. This was my opportunity to start my website!
I did my research, asked my dear friend Tim for some advice, resulting in this website here. It took a couple of hours to set it up and post my first blog as a tester. That was enough for the first day.
Once the blog was set up, I noticed a slight reduction in the inspiration I had felt for writing posts. In the previous month my head had been full of ideas of stuff to write and post, but now that I had the website set up for it, some of the inspiration had disappeared. What was going on?
I chatted with Tim and his wife Charletta and my wife Abi about it and came to the realisation that part of that inspiration I felt was to do with HAVING THE WEBSITE! Having it, one for my own, setting it up, colours, pictures, text – having that space. I think it was a feeling of excitement toward having something that I wanted, which I think I have felt towards acquiring new material objects, but this time a cyber-desire.
Analysing it now, I think what I partly felt was a disappointment in that having the website wasn’t as fulfilling as I expected. Maybe this is the typical emptiness that materialism can leave you with – of not having enough, not being as fulfilled as expected. As I realise now, the website in itself is nothing – it is just some screen with different colours and shapes on. What really matters is the effort I put into it and the resulting sharing of ideas and experiences that occurs through it. This is obvious to me now, but I was surprised that I had accidentally once again fallen for the promise that something in itself is meaningful, when actually the thing is a tool and the real question is what you’re going to build with it. So I have now realised it is time to invest in what I hope will be meaningful – the sharing caring and interacting thing. And that’s what I intend to get on with.
My wife Abi and I have been chatting quite a lot about materialism recently – the roots of it and ways to deal with it best. You can read about some of my ideas at the ‘Materialism’ page.

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